Is Turn It Up a crew? Is Turn It Up a night? What is Turn It Up?

Turn It Up is neither a crew nor a night. And, yet it is both. How can this be? Turn It Up was started as an idea to take the freshest ingredients from D&B, House, Hip-Hop and everything else we liked, mix it up and create something that made everyone get off their asses and dance.

Turn It Up was started by Hippo & Estefex in the spring of 2004. And, with the help of Brad Slack, you could find them and all of their friends mixing it up every Thursday night at Clark's (314 Main Street, Houston Texas). Players, varied from popular local D&B/House/Hip-Hop DJs to the kid off the street that could wreck the place leaving the pros dusted. That is the spirit of Turn It Up:

No favorites. Just bring the fψ€king house down.

The Clark's era seen the likes of Marcus Intalax, High Contrast, Makoto & Deeizm, LTJ Bukem with Conrad and many many more. Long gone are those days, but not forgotten.

So is Turn It Up dead. NO! The best is yet to come…